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Improve Concentration and Learning with virtual reality

The use of virtual reality offers many advantages to educational content, including improving the concentration of learners. The learner becomes an actor in his training.

So how do you incorporate these new techniques into training and optimize for more effective learning outcomes?

Challenges of concentration in training

We are all aware of being ultra-connected. Who denies that staying focused during training can be a major challenge? Constant distractions, such as notifications on phones, online solicitations, or the dynamics of managing a group, can disrupt learners' attention, greatly reducing learning effectiveness.< /p>

Playing online videos is often abandoned before completion, and learners may be tempted to become distracted by thoughts or activities away from the training that they follow…

For job training requiring focus to learn new skills, it's complicated if learners only assimilate a part.

Immersive tools for optimal concentration, how do they work?

With a virtual reality headset, users are immersed in a captivating virtual environment where simulations and immersive experiences demand their full attention.

Unlike traditional online or classroom training, using virtual reality < strong>thus eliminates external distractions by preventing multi-tasking.

Studies show that learners are up to four times more focused during training when it is immersive than those who take online courses, and 1.5 times more concentrated than those in the traditional classroom.

This improved focus leads to better retention of acquired knowledge and skills.

Furthermore, VR enables hands-on and realistic learning experiences, which increases learner engagement and motivation.

Connected but engaged!

Immersive learning is an effective solution to improve the concentration of learners thanks to masks but also and above all to experience which will guide him and bring him the acquisition of new knowledge, whether this either by manipulating, answering questions and going through validation stages of the program, and by applying video game mechanics

With immersive and interactive environments, the tools create an environment conducive to learning by eliminating distractions and capturing learners' attention.

With the constant evolution of XR technologies it is predicted that this method of learning will continue to grow and benefit a wide range of fields, from education to initial and continuous training.


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