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The benefits of immersive learning 

The benefits of immersive learning are numerous, the level of the success rate of the training, the rapid application of the acquired knowledge and the interest increased tenfold during an interactive training. 

  • Increased engagement: Immersion in an environment in reality virtual help  to arouse learners' interest and involve them more in the learning process.

  • Memorization rate: information retention greatly improved.  Learners are more likely to retain information learned during an immersive experience due to the interaction with content and immersion in a realistic

  • Playful training experience : Immersive learning will make the training experience interactive, which is more enjoyable and fun for learnersnants. (90% learner satisfaction rate)*

  • Development of practical skills: Immersive learning allows learners to develop their practical skills by simulating real situations in a secure environment.

  • Flexibility and accessibility: Immersive learning solutions can be deployed online and remotely,thus providing increased flexibility and accessibility for learners.

  • Security: Immersive learning makes it possible to reproduce a safe and limited environment  risks for trainees in high-risk occupations. 

  • Budget: Training costs can be reduced by using immersive learning, as travel, accommodation costs and expenses  related to the implementation of simulations are reduced or eliminated.

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