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Personnalized training

  • Determination of training objectives: It is important to determine the objectives of the training to determine the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve them.

  • Content design: The content of the training must be designed according to the training objectives and must include interactive and immersive learning activities in collaboration with your trainers.

  • Creation of the learning environment: The learning environment should be designed to engage participants and help them focus on the learning objectives.

  • Training Implementation: Training should be implemented with immersive technology, such as virtual reality or augmented reality, to provide an immersive learning experience.

  • Evaluation of results: It is important to evaluate the results of the training to determine its effectiveness and to make adjustments accordingly.

Our  personnalized training in immersive learning will be adapted to the unique needs of your company and of  your employees. Knowledge retention will be optimized and learners will be quickly ready to put the skills acquired into practice.

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