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How can immersive learning reduce training costs for businesses?

Immersive learning: the solution to reduce training costs in the workplace?

Training costs can be high for businesses, especially those with large numbers of employees. Companies need to find ways to deliver quality and effective training while reducing costs. Immersive learning can be the ideal solution for companies looking to reduce training costs while providing a quality learning experience.

How can immersive learning reduce training costs?

Immersive learning can help reduce training costs for businesses in several ways:

🎯 Limiting equipment costs: with immersive learning, companies no longer need to buy expensive equipment such as mannequins for medical training, machines for technical training, etc. Learners can interact with simulated environments through virtual reality, reducing hardware costs.

🎯 Reducing travel costs: Immersive learning allows learners to participate in distance learning, reducing travel costs for businesses.

🎯 Reducing trainer costs: With immersive learning, companies don’t need to use external trainers to train their employees. Immersive training programs can be created in-house, reducing trainer costs.

🎯 Reduced time costs: Immersive learning allows learners to complete training faster than traditional methods. Learners can train in simulated environments, allowing them to master skills faster and reduce training time. Through virtual reality, augmented reality and simulation, immersive learning allows businesses to reduce the cost of equipment, travel, trainers and time, while providing an engaging and interactive learning experience.

📎 A study conducted by PwC France shows that virtual reality can limit training costs from 50% to 70% by reducing transport, accommodation and catering costs 💸

📎 eLearningIndustry suggests that 61% of companies using #VR training reported a reduction in the amount of printed learning materials, This can have a positive impact on the environment and 67% of companies reported that virtual reality training had improved their employee retention rate.


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