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From field to virtual reality: How immersive training is changing the rules of sport

In the world of sport and associated professions, immersive technologies are having a real impact

Thanks to virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), athletes, coaches, and related professions have access to interactive and effective training to accompany and condition athletes in realistic environments and make them live an experience, immersive training Improving performance, nothing is left to chance:

Immersive training offers athletes the opportunity to train in virtual environments that closely replicate real-world competition conditions. They can thus simulate specific scenarios, analyze their performance in real time and adjust their strategies accordingly.

Sports such as soccer, basketball, and golf have already embraced immersive training to help athletes hone their technical skills, improve their decision-making, and to optimize their physical condition.

Injury prevention

Immersive training is not only limited to improving performance, it also plays a crucial role in injury prevention. Athletes can use virtual reality to rehearse specific gestures and postures and techniques, while being coached by experts who can identify potential issues.

This allows athletes to correct their mistakes and reduce the risk of injury.

Apprenticeship of related trades

Immersive learning is not just about athletes, it is also impacting related professions such as coaches, physiotherapists, referees and sports commentators. Coaches can use virtual reality to develop team strategies, simulate match situations, and analyze player performance in super-precise ways.

🔴 Physiotherapists can also explore new methods of rehabilitation and recovery through virtual environments.

🔴 Referees and commentators can benefit from AR to access real-time information and improve their decision-making.

🔴 The mental trainer can create stressful universes to simulate intense moments of an athlete, or a psychological bubble promoting a state of calm and stimulation to guarantee concentration optimized

Access to the experience of the great champions

Immersive training also offers the opportunity to live unique experiences by putting yourself in the shoes of great champions. Users can relive historic moments, get on the field with their favorite athletes, and even receive personalized tips from sports legends. It creates an emotional and inspiring connection that can motivate athletes and professionals to achieve new heights in their careers.

In short, we are not only in video games anymore 😀


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