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VR - Virtual reality  / AI - Artificial intelligence 👉 Welcome to VRAI Learning

VRAI LEARNING is an integrator of digital and innovative training solutions, with image quality at heart.

We develop and deploy educational content using the mechanics of immersive learning and propose to develop learners in virtual reality environments that promote practice and interaction in real time.


To complete this experience, the learner is associated with an intelligent companion who will guide him during his journey in order to ensure that he achieves the appropriate objectives and at his own pace. ​


MORE IMPACTIVE TRAINING : Immersive learning programs have a 90% learner satisfaction rate, compared to just 50% for traditional learning programs. ​


We believe that immersive learning is most effective when it is active and contextualized, and that is why we propose to develop your educational experiences that will allow your learners to learn dynamically in familiar environments in virtual reality. or increased. ​


Our team of passionate and experienced professionals in education but also in digital arts (2D/3D animation cinema, video games...) is committed to providing top quality training to each student, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to progress and achieve their goals. ​


Immersive learning is a powerful tool to get fully involved in learning, in a fun and interactive way and to improve the understanding and retention of knowledge, meeting the needs of business and de its transition to these new pedagogies.

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